Once your company learns the basics of graphic design you’ll be able to create fantastic icons which you can use on your social media network accounts. The more engaging and colourful which your graphical icons are, the easier it is for your followers to spread the word and generate shareable content based on the information which your business syndicates to your social media accounts.

When it comes to creating professional-looking social media icons there are a few basic fundamental rules to keep in mind which will help you. Here at juicy Online Media we will outline a few of the different ways in which your business can create fantastic looking graphics, social media icons and even marketing materials.

The best social media graphical designs stand out due to one simple reason. Using contrast and choosing colours well even if you have a lot of coloured areas in your logo, the best social media graphical designs stand out by using contrasting colours and choosing colours well, even if you have a light coloured logo, a pleasing design can make your social media graphic leap of the page.



It’s a good idea when designing your social media graphical icons to make sure they reflect your organisation’s brand. All brands have personality so make sure yours is well represented. Followers to your social media channels will be easily able to recognise your brand from the logo if it’s clearly designed and easy on the eyes.

Has your business heard of the kiss principle? This age old design saying stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. A lot of times companies try to be clever and design complicated and overly confusing logos or icon concepts. This does nothing other then confusing your audience and driving them towards your competition. Clean, crisp and simple social media icons work much better then fancy and convoluted ones. At juicy Online Media we work hand in hand with your business to ensure that your social media graphics are designed with your audience in mind and with the goal of growing your social media followers.