Juicy Online Media offers a range of services that focus on small business online marketing by enhancing content that engages your audience, getting the right visitors to your website and maximising the return for search advertising

Juicy Online Media offers a range of practical affordable small business online marketing services that helps your brand move forward and make impact. We will work with you from day one until the end to make sure you are on the right track. If you need us to update it on an ongoing basis to monitor the SEO or write content we will and will assist in your social media marketing to promote your business.


Juicy Online Media helps with all your social media needs from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other  social networks that relate to your business  including social media advertising to push your news further out into the market. It is best to focus on the ones that give you the best return and a few emerging social networks to target niche followers.


SEO is the process of ensuring your website has the right keywords, that target the right audience  and rank better in search engine results so that people can find you.

There are many factors that affect the way people are able to find your website online but most importantly it is the relevancy and popularity which drives the traffic. SEO is the process of optimising keywords, content, images and tags to assist in gaining better rankings so it is beneficial to use an SEO Service that will help achieve these rankings.

There are many websites across the net that do not have good incoming traffic which could be caused by a range of reasons but it may be that their pages are not optimised to be found by search engines. This is why SEO is needed to rectify these issues.

Search Engines determine relevancy by using the searched term against the content that is on the page shown. The popularity is determined by reading the content of the page and checking to see what other websites link towards the pages. The website is then shown in search results by passing the criteria and are ranked in position.

As part of the changing online world, you should also focus on your social media posts as these are signals in showing the popularity of pages.

You need to be as descriptive as possible using keywords in both site content and all social media.

Before applying SEO to any website, Juicy Online Media needs to do an assessment of it to find details such as keywords, site architecture and more. Talk to us about our Gold Coast SEO Services to  help to grow your website rankings in organic search results, to the give it the very best chance to be found by your target audience. We use proven methods that will build interest, and respect to get your site moving well.

We love Social Media and SEO and have done some awesome stuff with clients. Juicy Online Media focuses on Pay Per Click Advertising with Google AdWords and Bing Ads, Social Media Marketing including many of the emerging social networks and SEO


Pay per click (PPC) advertising is distinguishable from other forms of advertising because of its accountability. Every dollar spent that you spend on PPC advertising can be accounted for from impressions shown and click throughs. Every visitor can be tracked. Every keyword and ad message can be monitored and critiqued. This is why PPC advertising can be a very effective marketing strategy. We use Bing Ads and Google AdWords to help promote your business to a targeted audience.

Search Engine Advertising is great that you only pay for your keyword bid when a person clicks on the ad. The more your ad is clicked on the more you pay but the more targeted traffic you receive which is the overall goal

Before commencing and Paid Search Campaign, you need to choose the correct keywords that relate to your website and its intention. The importance of landing pages and quality content helps you gain better value in your bids and will keep your visitors on your site for longer.


You now have a great website, your social media is humming along and you are ready to go. Part of being successful is managing your customers and alerting them to the great deals and offers that you have. With the use of email marketing you have the opportunity to market your products and services at your peak times to get people back in the doors.

Your customers want to hear from you and they will return if you offer superior service and quality products, but that is not where it ends. They need to be reminded and this is where an email or newsletter comes in handy.

Speak with Juicy Online Media about your online marketing requirements.

Juicy Online Media offers a range of services for Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast even Byron Bay and Lismore small businesses to develop and enhance their online activity to drive new leads