So you already know that Pay Per Click advertising on search engines such as Google and Yahoo is capable of sending large amounts of quality engaged customers to your company’s website, but did you know that you can also do the same thing on Bing?

Bing is the second largest search engine after Google and nowadays it’s even larger than Yahoo’s advertising platform. Bing’s popularity is increasing in Australia and America, every month it’s market share and popularity grows. So it makes solid business sense to copy your targeted and converting advertisements on the Google Adwords platform and replicate them onto the Bing pay per click publishers platform.

From a demographic perspective, people that regularly use the Bing search engine are older than the people which regularly use Google. This is good for your business as studies have shown that an older audience of users are much more likely to make a purchase once on your website, compared to that of a younger demographic.

Advertising on Bing is cost effective as the Pay Per Click rate is much lower than that of the Google Adwords platform. This means that your company can get a much higher ranking position when targeting competitive keyword phrases and at the same time end up paying a lower cost per click. While it is true that the Bing search engine doesn’t currently have the same large volume of traffic or audience reach that Google Adwords has, you still do have the benefits of receiving lower cost clicks and having the potential of converting those clicks into paying customers.

Did you know that Juicy Online Media is Bing Ads certified and is listed as an Accredited Professional company? We are one of the few digital marketing companies in Australia to be awarded with this accreditation. To receive this accreditation a digital marketing company needs to pass the in depth tests which Bing requires to be completed with an 80% pass rank, as well as having managed advertising budgets spends of over at least $10,000 in the last 90 days. Rest assured that when you work with Juicy Online Media we have your company’s best interests at heart.