When it comes to marketing your business on the social media networks it’s important to decide which social media channel is the perfect fit for your organisation. There are a lot of social media networks to choose from and to publish your content on. First you need to determine if your business is offering a product or a service and what demographic is more responsive to your marketing content. By knowing this information you will be in able to design and implement an effective social media marketing campaign, as well as plan future content posts on your social media calendar.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook fan page marketing is the most popular way for Australian businesses to market their products and services to a broad audience. If your company or organisation does not have a Facebook business fan page then you are missing out on engaging with one of your largest audiences and you are definitely losing market share to your competitors. With numerous potential customers using this social media network on a daily basis, sharing news, information and updates about your organisation, will result in an engaged audience and increased followers.

Instagram Marketing

The Instagram social media network is a photo sharing social channel slightly similar to Pinterest, but with its own unique characteristics. Your social media goals are to get your audience to follow your account and to engage with the posts which  you share. It’s important to reciprocate this and engage with the content which your followers create. If your fans share your posts then it means they are liking the photos that your organisation is syndicating, so be sure to capitalise on this and reciprocate the sharing. Passionate fans mean a positive buzz about your brand, which will lead to an increase in your fan following, brand engagement and user submitted positive testimonials.

Twitter Marketing

The Twitter social media network boasts over 200 million active users, which means next to Facebook, they are an impressive player in the social media space. Twitter usage is primarily limited to tweets consisting of 140 characters but doesn’t think of this as a limitation, but rather as an opportunity to be creative. Engage your audience and potential customers with small clever sentences, attaching photos to each of your tweets and directing your followers to your company website or blog with an external link in your tweets.

Pinterest Marketing

If your business has high-quality images to use on this social media network, then it’s highly suggested that you open an account on Pinterest and integrate your business. Be sure to set-up your profile with professionally taken photographs and listen to your audiences needs. Did you know that recent reports state that up to 80% of Pinterest’s audience are women? If your business has products or services that cater to this demographic, then it would be in your best interest to ensure that publishing regular content on this social media network is made a priority.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin is the premier business social media network focusing on networking between business owners and professionals. Recent reports estimate that there are more than 250 million professionals using this network around the world. In saying that, not many companies give it the full attention that this social media network deserves. Linkedin is excellent for fostering relationships and generating new business leads. The conversations that happen on this network are much more serious in nature than the ones that happen on Twitter and Facebook. Keep in mind that it’s a best practice when publishing content to this network, keep it professional and in a business context. By doing this, your company will be rewarded with serious engagement, discussion and the sharing of your content with your industry peers.

Emerging Social Channels

There are a lot of new emerging social media networks such as Vine, Reddit, Snapchat, Medium, We Heart It, Ello and Periscope. Most of these social media networks are startups and are increasing in audience popularity, it’s often wise to get onto these networks at the beginning. It’s much easier to build up an audience and become an influencer in your industry before the rest of your competition signs up.