4 ways to improve your social media with Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows your business to improve your social media marketing campaigns. Hootsuite assists with automating your content publishing, integrating a scheduling calendar manages multiple social media accounts, as well as team member management across different social media networks. With the recent addition of Instagram, you can now keep an eye on your past Instagram posts, your future scheduled posts, specific users, hashtags and locations. You are now able to share login details to your company’s Instagram profiles with your staff, without the need for sharing passwords.

Use Hootsuite to delegate jobs to other team members

Team members can be added to your Hootsuite account with the ability to assign specific roles to each user account which you create. Your team can collaborate and work together within your Hootsuite account without you giving them your social media channel passwords. Hootsuite allows you to create teams and delegate jobs to them as you implement your digital marketing strategies. Teams are groups of staff which your business can organise by the department, location, or client.

Use Hootsuite to schedule content including Instagram

The Hootsuite dashboard includes a message composing section which allows your business to create and schedule content for posting at a future date. After you have created a post you can select which of your social media accounts you wish to publish to. You also have the option of real-time publishing in case you need to syndicate information at the time of creation, rather than waiting for a scheduled point in the future. When scheduling content Hootsuite gives you have three selectable options which are: Setting the date, automatic schedule and bulk schedule.

Use Hootsuite for reporting using simple charts

Hootsuite gives business’s the ability to analyse the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns. The reports which you can generate from inside your admin panel, track audience engagement and conversations, social media channel insights and pattern analysis. By measuring the amount of clicks, tweets and likes which your campaign receives, you can learn about which style of content works and what doesn’t. This information is invaluable when it comes to designing and implementing future marketing strategies. Hootsuite allows your company to pinpoint influencers in your target industry along with competitor brands that are driving conversations, which your business can engage and interact with.

Use Hootsuite to find content that is related to your audience

By posting informative engaging content to your social media accounts, you can increase the popularity of your online brand. The larger your reach becomes, the more followers you attract, which enables you to become an influencer in your industry. By using Hootsuite to follow conversations across the social media networks related to your industry, you can learn what topics your audience engages with and use this knowledge to write informative content for syndication.