Recent studies have shown that small business’s who interact with their target audience on Instagram often become influencers in their market space and convert their fans into loyal paying customers. Compared to other companies who don’t use Instagram as a digital marketing platform. By engaging with your Instagram audience and regularly publishing informative content, you can effectively grow your online brand on this social media network.

1) Great for businesses with limited marketing budget

Instagram is a fantastic social media network for your business to use and implement targeted and low-cost marketing campaigns, especially for business’s which may have a low budget, such as non-profit organisations. A simple yet effective Instagram content marketing strategy is one which encourages engagement amongst your target audience. The more informative which your photos are, the more likely you are of tapping into your audience’s willingness to re-share your content amongst their followers.

2) Engagement rate is the highest of any social network

User engagement is of the highest rate on Instagram when compared with any of the other social media networks, even the primary ones such as Facebook. Unlike other social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram’s audience are a different demographic of people and it’s always important to remember to follow posting best practices when posting to your business Instagram page.

3) The people who follow you want to see your products

Each time you publish photos to your page you are creating a following of engaged users. These followers are much more likely to become your future customers when compared to other social media network audiences. Each interaction that your business or brand has with your Instagram fans allows you to have another chance of converting them into a paying customer.

4) Youth-driven

Instagram’s demographic is youth driven and a much younger audience when compared to the other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. As your company designs and implements your digital marketing campaigns, be sure to keep this in mind and tailor your content to this younger audience

5) Pictures are personal so invoke emotion

While at times it can be difficult for your business to create its own in-house content, by fostering engagement with your community and getting your audience to create the content for you, this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build an Instagram marketing strategy. A campaign which involves highly emotive fan-submitted photos and personal story lines based content.