According to research, Snapchat offers a better social experience

Business owners looking to delve in to social media marketing online, need to be aware of where their audiences are paying attention and are on which platforms. Snapchat at last count has more than 200 million monthly users with an average age demographic of 15 to 25 year olds. If that is the demographic which your business is trying to reach, then you must create a presence on this social media network.

Marketing to users on the Snapchat platform

While there are many different social media networks which are already hugely popular with digital marketing campaigns run by business owners, such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, marketing on Snapchat is a relativity new concept.

In general people active on the social networks tend to scroll through the content at a rapid pace and even if there are informative posts which they find interesting, they will at best only give them a few seconds glance. At the best of times your Snapchat marketing campaign will only have a 50% chance of grabbing the attention of your audience and once a person has glanced at your message, they won’t return to re-read it later.

How the Snapchat social network works

Snapchat users send out pictures or videos to their subscribers which only lasts for a small amount of seconds, which can range from 1 to 10 seconds in length. As a business owners using this social media network for your content marketing campaigns, you need to work within these set limits and ensure that your strategy caters for this.

Once your marketing content is published and viewed by your audience, that content can not be reviewed again, so you must ensure that your message is easy to understand and to be remembered. If your followers want to see the content which you published, you need to repost it to your Snapchat page.

By creatively producing a series of images you can in a linear style, tell a short story about your product or service which your business offers. This is a much more effective marketing strategy, in comparison to trying to tell your story in one short 10 second image.