When it comes to best practices for commenting on corporate blogs, there are many ways in which you can go about this. The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be careful how you leave comments on other corporate blogs, as it’s important to leave a good impression and build on your previous networking efforts and the branding of your name and business.

How to comment on corporate blogs

1. Be professionally casual. Build a relationship through your words and be genuine with your comment, so that your target corporate entity know you are sincere with the comment you are writing. Using a personal tone in writing helps to get your point across and make your message easier to understand.

2. Relate your comment to the blog topic. Having a way to communicate with a corporation is a great way to introduce your brand. However that’s not what your comment should be for. Make sure that you are commenting to react to the perspective of the blog post and not just using your comment as an opportunity to push your product or service.

3. Write structured comments. Leaving well-written comments on corporate blogs will help to set yourself apart from the competition and come across as an influencer in your industry. Well written and structured blog comments allow you to clearly respond to a corporate blog post with your expert opinion, thus potentially leading to the target corporation looking to you as a source for future collaboration or advice.

4. Proofread before posting. In line with writing structured comments, it’s always highly important to make sure your entire comment is proof read before hitting post. You don’t want to publish something that has been written with grammatical errors and misplaced punctuation. Always read over your comment before publishing it, as you don’t want to allow small mistakes to subtract from the quality of your post. The cleaner your comments are the more credible you become in the eyes of the corporation you are talking to.