When it comes to blogging it takes much more than just writing blog posts and responding to comments from your followers. You need to learn the art of photography which will ultimately benefit your blog and the engaging content which you publish. Taking excellent photos should be a solid part of your overall blogging process. Great looking blog photos can increase your page views, visits to your blog and audience engagement. If you’re well versed in your niche and you understand how to take really nice photos, you might even bag a few sponsorship’s and have brands delivering products to your doorstep.

There are a lot of experts with fantastic photography tips that you can read from articles online, but there’s one excellent trick that no one needs to teach you and that is taking photos in natural light.

Natural light and your photos

Natural light has a way of showing the best features of an object. It either sets a dramatic scene or allows for a wonderful softness in your photos. Natural light has a way of creating a relaxing aura allowing for some magical photos to be taken. Natural light photography also allows for movement, while at the same time allowing peace and tranquility.

To take photos in natural light you have to be careful when considering the angles to photograph from. You don’t want it to be too light or yet too dark. It should have the perfect balance for whatever kind of image you are aiming to portray. It’s helpful to know the technical settings of your camera, so that you can shoot your image in the best light settings possible.

Since you’re already shooting outdoors you no longer have to worry about use your camera’s flash. If you’re shooting indoors be sure to turn off the other lights in the room, so they don’t interfere with the effect of the natural light streaming in from your windows. This also makes a beautiful contrasting effect and envelopes the object with ample darkness.

Be sure to consider the time of day

You should always aim to shoot during sunny days. Taking photos when it’s cloudy will make your photos look bluer than they really are. Shooting during a sunny day will put the right clarity into your images and won’t make them look too warm or too cold.

If you want add a little drama into your photos, the best time to shoot is during what’s known as the golden hour. This window of time creates a beautiful orange tint to your photos. Always be weary of the angles during shooting, to ensure your shadows will fall in the right places. You can even play around directions and try to take pictures while facing the sun or the other way. Going against the sun can also create a dramatic effect in your photos.