Brisbane Hashtags - location, food and on trend hashtags

Hashtags are a rapidly growing trend within the past few years. Whether it’s on Instagram or Twitter, everyone is using them, and in Brisbane it’s no different. 

There are an abundance of hashtags being used in the Brisbane area based on location, activity and events. By using hashtags, you’re connecting your post to a group of posts based on a similar theme or trend. Hashtag trends are a neat and popular way to connect your post, group your post in a category of similar posts and it’s a potential method to gain more followers. 

For BNE, there are numerous Brisbane hashtags currently being used, here are three large categories of hashtags currently being used on Instagram such as location specific like suburbs or regions, food related and other on trend hashtags.

If you are out about and looking to expand your reach, take a look at our Brisbane hashtags.

By using hashtags, you’re connecting with more than just your following base. You expand your post to be reached by new users and have the potential to gain more likes on your posts. By sharing your post in a collaborative and open hashtag – you’re putting your post in a better position to be found by users who have a similar interest whether it’s a specific location, food related, acting trendy or other themes you’re wanting to share. 

There are hashtags for everything including specific industries, suburbs and interests. Hashtags are a unique way to brand your content, and if you can’t find a hashtag you like – you can always create your own. The above Brisbane hashtags are just a handful of what is out there. Which are some of your favourite brisbane hashtags you use?

Brisbane Location Hashtags

  • #brisbane – used over 7.2 million times
  • #brisbanecity – used over 437,000 times
  • #brisbaneriver – used over 136,000 times 
  • #newfarm – used over 112,000 times

Brisbane Food Hashtags

  • #brisbanefood    used over 426,000 times 
  • #brisbaneeats – used over 327,000 times 
  • #brisbanecafes – used over 85,000 times 
  • #brisbanerestaurants – used over 54,000 times
  • #brisbanefoodie – used over 250,000 times 

Brisbane On Trend Hashtags

  • #brisbaneeveryday – used over 676,000 times 
  • #brisbanebusiness – used over 87,000 times 
  • #brisbanecoffee – used over 104,000 times 
  • #brisbanelife – used over 105,000 times

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