Cairns Hashtags - location, food and on trend hashtags

Cairns is a travel destination for many people and a place called home to others. Using hashtags in Cairns will vary depending on your interests and the theme of your post. For all posts, we recommend using the most popular hashtag #cairns to reach the most users and then add additional hashtags to correspond with the theme of your post. 

Hashtags in Cairns are often sorted either by location, trend, food or activity. Depending on which category your post falls into, or a different one entirely – you may want to use multiple hashtags to reach a higher number users interested in your post. 

Here are some of the current high-ranking Cairns hashtags that are currently being utilised.

Hashtags grow every day and are a fun digital marketing tool to adapt into your posts. Hashtags have an abundance of benefits including: reaching more users, your post will be searchable by the hashtag, you’ll be likely to get more likes and to gain additional followers with similar interests. 

There are hashtags for everything including specific industries, trends and interests. Hashtags are a unique way to brand your content, and if you can’t find a hashtag you like for Cairns or otherwise – you can always create your own.  Searching through some of the most popular Cairns hashtags, you will come across plenty dedicated to the Great Barrier Reef and its surrounds including Green Island, Fitzroy Island and more. What are some of your favourite Cairns hashtags that you use?

Cairns Location Hashtags

  • #cairns – used over 1.4 million times
  • #cairnscity – used over 8,400 times
  • #cairnsesplanade – used over 15,000 times 

Cairns Food Hashtags

  • #cairnsfoodie – used over 11,000 times
  • #cairnsfood – used over 10,000 times

Cairns On Trend Hashtags

  • #cairnslife – used over 79,000 times
  • #cairnsofinstagram – used over 91,000 times
  • #cairnslocal – used over 6,200 times
  • #cairnsaustralia – used over 6,200 times
  • #cairnstourism – used over 4,000 times

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