Changes to Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a feature that was completed quite some time ago but has been sitting about collecting dust and not being used to its potential until recently, where they have dusted it off and given it an overhaul. As in recent times the Facebook News Feed has been given an upgrade and algorithm change, to determine what news is deemed as important enough to show up in peoples news feeds, now the same system is being applied to events.

What is Facebook events?

Facebook events is quite simple to explain, it is simply a News Feed notification system which publicly publishes an informative news piece, which lets an accounts followers know that the user account owner is planning to attend an event.

As a business owner you can take advantage of this by creating events, either in the real world or online. Examples of real world events can be as a live show, product demonstration, or fashion show. Online events can be the same as real world ones but broadcast via live streaming. Online events can also be performed as webinars or pre-recorded business events.

Facebook has stated that events will become more prominently displayed on users Facebook news feeds, so this is a great time to be adapting and making sure your digital marketing strategy included this. In the near future events will become a powerful marketing tool, which can be used to spread the word about your business and what you offer.

Facebook events notifications

The best feature which has just been rolled out which business owners can take advantage of, is that Facebook will send users notifications, letting them know about other events which are based off their interests and past events which they have attended.

This great feature means that via events, you can market your business and target fans which might not be apart of your target audience, or current followers. But once informed about your business, begin following you and engaging with your content.