Christmas Holidays are a great time where small business owners can tap into the holiday spirit and create digital marketing and social media campaigns around these time periods. Christmas Holidays are the perfect time to capitalise on Christmas marketing trends and ensure that your business offers these as you can be sure that your competitors will be.

The holidays are a great time where you can get really creative in your marketing efforts and possible create a campaign that has a real chance of going viral. Video content is the perfect medium for this as most audiences prefer to watch a short and engaging video, rather than reading a long and boring passage of text.

At Christmas time consumers love to read about personal stories, so try to create an engaging campaign which adds a personal or human touch to your products or services which your business offers. By creating an interesting marketing campaign, which plays to the Christmas spirit you stand to gain from increased likes, shares and followers to your social media accounts.

On average people are driven by their emotions and make purchasing decisions based on this, with rational decision making coming second. By creating your marking campaigns which tap into emotive decision making and the Christmas season, you can build a strong following of people which also share the same festive season ideals and are more likely to be receptive to the product or service which you are pitching to them.

It’s always a good idea to not get too carried away with the new opportunities which present themselves during the festive holiday seasons. Don’t forget to keep in mind though just because it’s the holiday period, your regular SEO and social media content can take a back-seat.

Holiday promotions should be just that, promotions. Your constant and ongoing regular business marketing also needs to continue, providing value to your audiences which is the primary reason why they are following you in the first place. You should always try to think of holidays as temporary additional marking opportunities, which should not take away from the primary goals of your digital marketing campaigns.