There are many passionate Australian bloggers who manage their blog for entertainment, as a relaxing hobby, or simply as an outlet for their creativity. But there is also an ever growing number of people who blog for a living and make money from doing something that they love.

More often than not people think that blogging is an easy job and some may not even think of it as a legitimate job at all, even though it is. Blogging everyday as a business can be difficult and far from as glamorous as people believe it to be.

The Basics

Just like corporate workers and people who go to the office everyday, bloggers also have their own “office” although it is most often the spare bedroom or kitchen table in their homes. It may seem like bloggers spend their entire day inside their home relaxing, but bloggers are actually creative and busy entrepreneurs.

Bloggers are constantly reading, researching, writing and networking with both influencers and fellow bloggers in their respective industries. Each day bloggers are thinking up new ideas and fresh content concepts which they can write about for their blog.

How Bloggers Work

Australian bloggers often do not have a standard schedule, unlike people which work a traditional 9 to 5 job. They manage their own time but it does not mean that they can ditch a day for leisure and not do any work. Blogging may look fun and laid back to people on the outside, but there is actually a lot of work involved when it comes to crafting daily blog posts.

Bloggers are usually also social media managers so it’s not only just their blog which they manage, but various social media platforms as well.

Blogging is hard to sustain when you have no drive and passion, that’s why most professional bloggers take their time to craft engaging and thought provoking blog posts.

Overall a day in the life of a blogger is just like that of any other job which requires time, labor and passion.