Today in Australia social media has never been in as important as it is right now, but with the increasing usage of social media comes the increasing chance of your business receiving negative responses. It’s vital that as a small business owner you learn how to deal with negative comments and turn them into positive brand awareness exercises.

Social media allows your business to increase its brand through communicating to a global audience and along with this comes positivity but also criticism. By demonstrating that your business has the ability to positively deal with negative responses, your audience will engage closer to your brand.

The importance of listening to your audience

Due to the 24/7 nature of social media it can be impossible for you to be active on your business Facebook page all the time. If your business receives negative comments from your customers, it’s important that you listen to what they have to say before providing a response. Hastily engaging with an aggrieved customer is not the most effective way in dealing with negative comments. It is vital that you understand why your customer is posting a negative comment in the first place.

Reply to your customers in a timely manner

When your business receives negative comments posted to your Facebook page, it can be tempting to ignore the negative comments or delete them from your page. As tempting as this can be, it is not the correct course of action and you should always reply to your customers good and bad comments.
By being proactive and replying to your customers in a timely manner, your actions will demonstrate to your audience and followers that you are a brand which cares about its customers. Through effectively dealing with negative responses you are showing your Facebook fans that all customers are important, not just the happy ones.

Act on mistakes immediately

Sometimes as a small business owner things can be beyond your control, such as supplier issues or a delivery that gets lost in the postal system. While things like this might be out of your hands, from your customer’s perspective it is your brands fault.

Customers don't like to hear excuses and are quick to post negative feedback on your Facebook page. When mistakes occur always act on them as fast as possible and do so in a public manner. Never try to ignore your customers or sweep the issue under the rug. Always seize the day and let them know that you are solving their problem as fast as possible and in public for all to see. By doing so you'll be able to turn a negative experience into a positive one which can be seen by your audience.