Define your social media strategy with these simple questions

Long term goals and a clear social media marketing strategy are important, as without these you won’t be able to come up with clear social media objectives. This article is intended to show you why a social media strategy is important and to help your business determine how to best implement a strategy, through vital questions and how you can use these to mold an effective social media approach.

Why you need a social media strategy

As a small business owner, you may have a lot of big ideas and goals in your head, but without a strategic plan, the entire process can easily go downhill. A well thought out strategy should be in place well before you begin working on your social media strategy.

The following questions might be basic and simple but they will help you plan out your social media strategy well, attract the right audience and gain more exposure of your brand.

Simple questions to help you define your social media strategy

What is your brand’s purpose? This is the most basic question you should answer before trying to build your social media strategy. Your brand’s purpose is important as it will allow you to achieve your long term goals and will help you clarify your business’s objectives.

Who is your target audience? Once you have determined your brand’s overall purpose, it will be easier for you to determine your target audience. Of course, this also entails learning your main customers buying behavior, likes and dislikes.

What is your brand voice? A brand voice is something that your business needs to establish, as it conveys to your audience, who you are and what you are about. Your brand voice is what you use to engage with your consumers and the tone in which you do it. From the voice that your brand uses, your customers will know who you are and how you convey your brand.

What is your social media content? As much as possible, you should always schedule your social media content so that you will have a consistent publishing schedule. Your social media content should also include a call-to-action, directly linking back to your website to direct your potential customers.

How often do you intend to post on social media? In line with what you post to the social media networks, you should also consider how often you want to post to them. While in different industries the posting frequency per day changes, the easiest way is to keep an eye on the level of engagement with your audience.

In order to create an excellent social media publishing strategy, you need to know your brand’s purpose, who your market is, which brand voice you will use to appeal to your customers, what content you will post on your social media accounts and how often you should schedule your content for posting.