What to have in your digital marketing plan

A recent study released by Census has shown that many Australians small and medium-sized businesses are connected to the Internet, yet many of them do not have a digital marketing plan. While it remains unseen as to why this is the case, it can be assumed that many business owners find writing a digital marketing plan to be an intimidating and complicated task.

From a digital marketing agency perspective, it’s highly important that’s your small or medium sized business has a business plan in place. Your digital marketing plan should outline your priorities for future growth and the management of your online digital assets. An effective digital marketing plan should cover your business website, social media accounts, and online advertising campaigns.

Understand your digital objectives

One of the first steps to create a digital marketing plan, is ensuring that you understand what your digital content objectives will be. Once you have a solid understanding of this you can then attempt to create a digital marketing plan, that will cover your brand message, strategies for driving sales, and how you will increase engagement with your audience.

It’s important that you define these goals and write them down, along with how you plan to achieve these objectives. The most common areas which you should cover, should include your digital marketing strategy, business website strategy, social media marketing strategy, and mobile marketing strategy.

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Understand your industry

As we live in a digital age, businesses are now more connected more than ever before. This means that you have no excuse for checking out what your direct competitors are doing and you should always be focusing on their marketing strategies as well as yours. Your digital marketing plan should include the monitoring of your competition and have a solid understanding of their digital assets.

When looking at your competitor’s digital assets, this should include understanding what does their business website look like, how often are they creating new and engaging content, how many followers do they have on their social media accounts, and what other things are they doing to stand out from their competitors in your industry.

Understand your audience

Once you understand your digital content objectives and your industry, you should focus on understanding your audience. It’s important that you know exactly who you are trying to reach and what the needs and desires are of your audience. It’s vital that you focus on your potential customers and put yourself in their shoes. Do your customers look at your website on their smartphone? And how often do they use social media to search for information and solutions to their problems? These are two important questions which need to be answered and detailed in your digital marketing plan. Please see our latest update to our news about Digital Marketing Plans here.

You need to determine the channels which your audience use and the methods in which you engage with them. With recent studies from Census showing that more than 78% of Australians own a smartphone, you need to ensure that your business has in place a digital marketing strategy, which can effectively target this growing digital trend.