By writing and publishing content using the method which is known as guest blogging, it used to be seen as a badge of honour for your businesses website, as your blog post published on high ranking websites in your industry, was a reflection of the strength of your business.If people thought that your content was good enough to be published on other websites, than that was a pretty good gauge of how well people are engaged with your brands message and your social standing as an influencing voice in your target industry.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is when you create and publish written content on other people’s websites, with the purpose of building your companies online digital reputation. Blogs are a popular platform for which to share content on and engage with a large audience, in comparison to other platforms which just don’t have the same reach.By posting your engaging business content on another company’s blog, that businesses followers will be able to read your brand message, engage with what you have to say and perhaps become followers of your own business.This is an effective way of spreading your brand voice to an audience which might not of known about your business, and the products or services which you have on offer.

Does guest posting help or hurt your SEO?

There are many different cases where guest posting can help your SEO efforts, so long as you are honest in doing so and don’t try to game the Search Engines by publishing low quality content, or by paying for the guest posts themselves.By following the honest standards laid out by Google and listening to the advice of their staff, such as Matt Cutts, your business will be able to publish guest posts to other websites in your industry, while ensuring that best practices are followed.There are often crack downs by Google and other search engines, which are trying to stamp out the bad practice of paying for guest posts. If you business follows best practices, by making sure that you only guest post on other industry blogs and websites which offer value to their audiences, as well as only accepting posts on your website from people which you can vouch for, you won’t be effected by this, nor have any problems.

In Conclusion

At the centre of any good SEO marketing strategy is the goal of increasing views to your business’s websites blog. You need to look at guest blogging as just another way, in the long list of methods, to use to generate traffic and views to your website. By honestly building your brand and not trying to game the search engines, you will find that with time you will be able to grow your reading audience and position yourself as an industry leader.