As with a website, you are able to search optimise your eBay listing. We have put together some useful hints and tips to help boost your sales.

eBay listing allows up to 55 characters for the list title Try utilising as many characters and include relevant keywords in the title. A short title provided by your manufacturer or a distributer may not be enough.

Provide Item Specifics Item Specifics are read by search engines, so having this information in your listing will help search engines to index your listing.

If you have an eBay store, try using all 300 character description Add relevant contents and keywords in your store description. This will help search engine optimisation as well as eBay search.

Offering “FREE SHIPPING” By offering free shipping your listing will appeal to more searchers. It also helps with eBay survey as the survey will automatically give you 5 star rating for shipping question.

Use GTC (“Good Till Cancel”) as the expiration date for fixed price listing. At the end of 30 day listing, the listing will be extended for another 30 days.

Use “Listing Frame” to add header and navigator to your listing, and offer email subscription. eBay offers Email Marketing as a free service to ebBay store owners. Collect the email addresses, and utilise the free email marketing capability offered by eBay store.

Download free “Turbo Lister” desktop software to automate bulk listing. The desktop application makes it easier to relist or reproduce the expired listing.

Subscribe appropriate Ebay Store Ebay offers 3 types of stores: Basic, Premier and Anchor Stores. They virtually offer same features except for a difference in listing price. The basic store charges 20 cents per listing, whereas 5 cents for premier and 3 cents for anchor stores. To break even, you’ll need to list at least 250 listings for premier and 10,000 listings for Anchor stores to break even on monthly subscription fees.

Browse “Completed” listings to see how your competitors are doing in terms of listing and sales. Study your competition and revise your listing accordingly.

Try using commercial selling tools If you have additional budget, you may try commercial tools such as Terapeak.

This should be a good starting point when search optimising your eBay listing. Remember when you optimise your eBay listing, think of what the customer would be searching for. Think of great keywords to get your eBay listing ranking better. Optimising your listing is very much like doing so with a website SEO.

These options may change without notice. Make sure to check the eBay website for up to date information to best sell your products on eBay platforms.