Email Marketing

Email marketing is a content focused marketing strategy to reach your customer base on a different online channel. Through email marketing, your business is able to share updates, current and future sales, upcoming events and new information with its current customers. 

Email marketing is more than simply writing an email, it’s engaging your customers to read important information your business wants to share. This can be done in more than just words, but can also incorporate the use of visual forms including images and video advertisements. 

Our team at Juicy Online Media will create a unique and creative approach to connect with your customers in email. All emails will continue the use of SEO to have a cohesive style with your current online content and as a competitive advantage against any competition in your industry. 

By sending out weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletters you’re reminding your customers of your business’ products and services, and giving your customers another avenue to connect with your business. Even more, by connecting your business’ website or social media channels in the email, you’re giving your readers an easy way to buy your goods and services, and a chance to follow your social media pages within a click-of-a-button. 

Email marketing is an alternative method of communication in comparison to the modern use of social media. Depending on your customer base, using email marketing could be a stronger way to connect with a specific target audience whether it’s an industry norm, the age demographics of your customer base or if your business prefers to communicate via email – email marketing produces numerous benefits for your business and potential future sales brackets that could be a result of an email.

Our approach to email marketing generally follows this process:

Formulate purpose and targeted outcomes of the email marketing campaign.

Design creative This would include the aesthetic and content of the email to be sent, as well as any auto-responders or reply emails. We will discuss and create visuals as well as content to engage your email marketing recipients. Juicy Online Media can create both complex, bespoke email newsletter designs for your business as well as template based designs which allow you to build your marketing emails yourself.

Mailing list The majority of our clients have built up an opt-in mailing list with some suggesting to purchase a list from direct marketing companies. The obvious risk of a purchased mailing list is that the recipients are not going to expect your email and will possibly delete your email and will also have your newsletter system shut down for not abiding to anti-spam laws. We suggest that rather than purchasing a database is to approach businesses that use their email marketing to include sponsored articles to drive traffic to your business.

Send email campaign This would be achieved by using one of mass email broadcast systems. Unlike sending emails from your computer, mass emailing systems provide a very detailed approach to allow for statistical data about opens and click throughs. They also follow Spam Acts to provide the receivers peace of mind.

Analyse campaign metrics With our systems, you can see how many people opened your email and what links they clicked on in your email campaign. This is invaluable in assessing the return on your email marketing investment. The more information you can grab about your marketing efforts and your clients, the better the return.

Do you have a signup form on your website to collect visitors opt-in email addresses? You can even use your social media to get people to signup to your email marketing. We are able to setup your email marketing and if you feel confident in doing it yourself afterwards, we can show you how.

Read through our News Feed about other interesting ideas on how to create a great email marketing campaign for your business.

Email Marketing can be such a valuable tool to stay fresh in your customer’s minds. You will be able to track how many people opened your email, clicked on the links and more.

To implement an email marketing strategy for your business or for any questions about how you can increase your business’ digital marketing please call Juicy Online Media today at 1300 780 535.