A business always has its benefits and risks and one of these risks could be that an employer or freelancer mindlessly drops negative opinions about your company, which can adversely affect the brand of your small business.

On a lighter note, scrolling through social media accounts during breaks is typical, it can actually be helpful for your marketing strategy too, but there should be a limit on how long an employee should be on a personal social media account.

The longer an employee is browsing a personal account and not business ones, can greatly diminish productivity, not to mention prolong distraction.

Avoid disclosing confidential information

This is already a given policy for most businesses, but employees still often overlook it, when it comes to social media.

A company’s privacy is important and all employees should respect that. Whatever happens inside the workplace should stay in the workplace and no confidential information should go beyond the premises of the company.

All social media policies should be preventative as well so all members of the company can avoid mistakes.

Every employee or team member should think of the company’s welfare before posting anything to the company’s social media accounts. If a problem arises, the social media team or community manager, should be alerted for necessary actions can be taken.

Avoid discriminatory statements

All businesses should play a fair game in the industry in which you are operating in.

Displaying discriminatory behavior towards other brands and their customers will most likely backfire in today’s age of social media. It’s always safer to stay positive with comments and respond politely to customers, no matter how offensive some of them can be.

Your business should avoid posting content or comments that can be degrading to normal society morals, be it in a sexual, racial, religious or other offensive tone.

This also includes topics that are too subjective to discuss in social media, which can provoke disagreements or even worse, heated brand hurting arguments.

Promote honesty and positivity

As a small business owner, you should always strive to talk to your customers in a polite manner, even when responding to your customers comments on a whim. Take a look at how to deal with negative comments on Facebook for some further tips.

Your social media manager, or yourself, should always pay attention to your brand message. This is important as this can affect how customers perceive your brand’s attitude and customer service.

You should always keep an open-mind when handling conversations with your audience, as this can reflect your brand’s credibility and your integrity as a person.