Advertising on Facebook can be affordable and effective for small business depending on what you want to achieve

Social Media is an ever changing world with each of the main channels having their own unique style, demographic and advertising opportunities. Each demands a different approach, content and ways to advertise your small business and Facebook is no different.

There are multiple ways to advertise your small business through Facebook but one of the ways is through remarketing to those who have already been on your site before.

By placing a small piece of code. much like how you place the Google Analytics code, Facebook can track the person visiting your website and advertise to them when they are on Facebook. It is very effective and has been used online for quite a while. You may have seen an advertisement from a website that you have visited previously pop up on many other sites and often. It is most likely that the website you visited was using Google Adwords and is now trying to get you to return.

Many people talk about that they want heaps of followers and while this may look good, unless you are getting them to sign up to a newsletter so you can email them later, having many followers does not serve a purpose. It has been reported since the changes to way Facebook serves its content from Pages, engagement per post is around 5% and sometimes much lower. Long gone are the days when a post reached over 50% of your follower audience without boosting it.

This is why it is so important to make every post count. Promoting your posts in Facebook as part of your advertising into more people feeds can be a good idea only if you have an awesome post, engaging images and a call to action.

You may be throwing away money if you choose to “Boost” a poorly put together post as it may get lost amongst all the other news and articles in feeds. Remember Facebook users are there to socialise and cringe at their friends drunken escapades from the weekend so your post needs to grab attention and cut through all the noise. Much like Google Adwords, if you need a boost of interest from a targeted audience then promoting your post may be the answer.

One of the most important things to do is to Geo Target your Facebook advertisement intended audience. If you are a local plumber in Lismore, you may not necessarily need people on the Sunshine Coast seeing your post so choosing local regions that you service such as Ballina, Byron Bay, Casino and Bangalow. Geo Targeting your Facebook Audience can help get your article, news or download to a better profiled possible customer.

We help small business owners setup their online profiles whether it be on Facebook or others, we assist them with content creation, images and planning. Once you have a good idea of what you are wanting to achieve it is then you should be thinking about advertising on Facebook.

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Facebook advertising can be very affordable and effective for small business when done correctly.