Facebook introduction of ‘music stories’

Back in the days of MySpace, the old pixelated and original Social Media network of them all, which paved the way for the current social media networks which we all enjoy and use on a daily basis, created one of the first streaming music players, embedded inside of a social media platform.

MySpace was an early adapter of custom backgrounds, profile feeds and allowed users to show off just how cool they were with a live playing music box on their pages. You could select a play-list and show all of your friends your music interests and let them know what your favourites where.

Fast forward to today and Facebook has announced that they will soon be introducing a new way in which users of the social media network can share music, by using their new posting option called “music stories”.

Music Stories is said to give users the ability to share their music among their friends and will also allow people to link in with their Spotify and Apple Music accounts as well.

Facebook in 2015 expanded on their users experiences by offering events and other news features, music stories is an expansion of this with the goal of keeping people engaged on their social site for longer periods of time, thus increasing their engagement and advertising revenue.

Currently the interface is a little bit clunky and future versions of Music Stories are no doubt, bound to offer a more richer users experience, but at the moment it works and that’s great.

For artists and music producers this platform is bound to be a great new tool which can be used to help promote and attract a large listening audience. By ensuring that Music Stories are a part of your social media campaign, you will be able to generate more sales.

Facebook Music Stories is currently only available via the iPhone Facebook App, but it is said to available for Android shortly. Users will still be able to share YouTube links which will still function as normal, but with the introduction of a Facebook internal product, one must wonder how long before Facebook only media options are allowed on the world’s biggest social media network.