Facebook is the top social media platform when it comes to reaching a broad audience, simply due to this social media networks flexibility, which it provides to small business owners.

If you are already using Facebook for your business, which you should be, there are a lot of ways you can still enhance your page and welcome more audience “followers”.

Make your Facebook videos viral

Facebook focuses on photos and captions, but videos are highly viral as well, often becoming more engaging than your normal text or image updates.

Facebook has introduced the automated play feature of videos on Facebook since 2015 without users needing to click on the video to watch it. It plays silently on a Facebook users newsfeed and only produces the sounds once clicked on.

Posting content such as this will go a long way to increasing your audience engagement.

For your small business page, there are several ways you can utilise this feature. You can post your own native videos, set a featured video for your ads or do a video promo series that is interlinked with each one, but can be viewed individually.

Post more organic content to target your audience

If you want to grow your audience, you might as well grow the right audience. Increasing engagement with your target audience will result in more organic views.

When your content published is relevant to your brand, it’s more easier to demonstrate credibility and authenticity with your audience.

You can also target the right audience when you make your content tailored towards your customers needs. This will lead them towards you, so that you no longer have to work as hard to gain their attention.

Always use visible Call To Actions

A call to action is one feature you can use to maximise the chance at grabbing your audience’s attention and persuading them to take an action.

CTA’s such as “Shop Now”, “Buy Now”, “Contact Us”, and “Sign Up” are set as defaults on Facebook business pages, so be sure to choose ones which are more fitting to your brand.

Putting up a CTA on your small business page is a simple step, but one which can bring you more customers and help generate more leads.

Facebook may be the most busy social media network, but as a small business owner it’s important that you use well established tactics, to ensure the long term growth of your audience.