Pinterest is best known for its photo-focused platform. It’s highly visual and has a highly engaged audience, who enjoy uploading photos to the network along with photo sharing.

As a small business in the cafe or restaurant industry, ecommerce website and even travel portals, Pinterest is a great way to engage with users, through posting high quality images that become shareable and “Pin-worthy” but Pinterest Marketing can be tricky.

Social Media Policy

Optimise your profile

A business bio is essential for any business social media page. Big or small, no matter the size of your business.

With a dull or incomplete profile page, your potential customers might miss out on important details which they may need about your business.

This can be detrimental to your business’s online success, if it results in turn away potential customers.

You should also update your profile often when changes in your business occur, so that your followers will also be informed. By establishing a dynamic profile page on your Pinterest business page, you can keep your audience up to date and engaged with your brand.

Pin relevant content consistently

Your followers are most likely interested in your brand and your content, so it’s important to stick to consistency when publishing. Aside from relevant content, you should also know the best and the worst times to post on Pinterest and how frequent to post on the platform to get the best results.

We often like to suggest that Pins in general should be posted around five times per day as the Pinterest social media network is highly active. It’s also a good idea to post your Pins when people are not so active at work and have the time to browse your business page.

Promote your Pinterest page

Aiming to gain more followers on Pinterest does not require you to focus on the social platform alone. You can optimise your other social media accounts and use them to promote your Pinterest account to get more followers.

Having a push button outside of your Pinterest business page can also help your followers to notice it and click it.

You can go to your settings page, select “Make a widget” and copy the code to your website. You can even choose how and where you want it to appear on your business website.

A great idea it to also encourage your customers to activate their “Pin It” button, so that they can easily save any articles or photos on your website that they find useful.