How to get a verified Twitter

Celebrities, athletes, politicians, and brands all have one thing in common and that is they all have a verified Twitter account. Getting a verified Twitter account doesn’t need to be an over complicated task, especially when you follow these simple tips below. Many Australians in various professions and industries have taken advantage of verified status and it’s no different for you as well.

Verified Twitter accounts help users on the Twitter social media network identify which accounts are legitimate, as there are often similar accounts which are fake, misleading, or have been created for nefarious purposes.

Twitter has realised this hence their verified Twitter account system. When you apply to have a verified Twitter account status, you will notice that next to your profile picture a blue check mark is added. This acts as a visual signature that is only provided by Twitter and lets users know that your account has been verified and is official.

The application procedure is not that complicated so long as you follow the Twitter guidelines and submit all the required documents during the application process. Doing so will ensure that your verified Twitter account application is accessed in a timely manner and that you don’t wait a long time.

A verified Twitter account will enable you to take advantage of an improved social media presence. Once verified you will stand out as an influencer in your industry and be a leading expert in your marketplace.

Being verified can have many benefits and will enable you to position yourself as an influencing voice in what can often be a crowded market.

To apply for and be given a verified Twitter account, you need to submit the following details:

• Verified phone number
• Confirmed email address
• Profile photo
• Header photo
• Your date of birth
• A link to your website