The year 2018 would be one historic moment for Australia especially for us on the Gold Coast, in the southeast of the Australian state of Queensland, as it holds stage to the 21st Commonwealth Games. From 4-15 April 2018, Gold Coast’s Carrara Stadium will be the venue for athletics, and the opening and closing ceremonies of the biggest sporting extravaganza.

On 11 November 2011, after a thorough and competitive bidding process, the Gold Coast defeated fellow bidders Sri Lanka (by 43 votes to 27) and won the rights to host the 21st Commonwealth Games. This would be the 5th time that Australia would be hosting the Games, the previous ones being – 1938 Sydney, 1962 Perth, 1982 Brisbane, and 2006 Melbourne.

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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games is an opportunity for everyone to ‘Celebrate an Event and a Place where Anything is Possible!’ By hosting the Games, the Gold Coast would be positioning itself on the global platform and ushering in unparalleled opportunities for business, trade, investment, and tourism. The 2018 Gold Coast Games would certainly be the greatest and most significant marketing platform for all
businesses and especially for those aspiring Gold Coast small businesses. It will be the perfect time for Gold Coasters to leverage opportunities to strengthen the economy, expand their business, trade and step up employment opportunities and secure for themselves positive and long-lasting benefits. One great way to achieve this, would be to create favourable conditions of dedicated services for business growth and investment attraction. So, formulate your strategy, get in touch with your advertising partners and make your presence known both locally and internationally. And remember, an attractive social media presence can give you an upper hand among your competitors.

Another significant benefactor of the Gold Coast Games 2018 would be the tourism sector. Tourism plays a pivotal role in any economy and especially Gold Coast City is replete with enchanting tourist destinations and is committed to developing a booming and sustainable tourism industry. However, the tourism sector has been suffering from low tourist numbers and it is much less prosperous as it should have been. Besides accelerating business and trade, the Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018, would act as a catalyst to fast
track Gold Coast tourism. Therefore, it is very important to identify and embrace opportunities and showcase Gold Coast city’s potentials as a tourist hub and maximise the benefits, both during and in the years following, the Commonwealth Games.

This big international event is expected to herald a new era in the Gold Coast City’s region’s growth and development. But good results would come in only if appropriate results are put in to it. It is time for Gold Coasters to rediscover their potential, identify the opportunities, attract investment, and let the opportunities bring substantial benefits to themselves and to the city, as a whole. Com’on Gold Coasters, let the world know that you are there, waiting to make it Big!