Gold Coast Hashtags - location, food and on trend hashtags

Gold Coast hashtags are trendy and a useful social media marketing tool that can help your posts reach more users. By using a hashtag, you’re connecting your posts to similar themed posts and increasing the number of readers your post can hit. 

Gold Coast hashtags are largely based on location, however food, trends and activities are highly successful as well. Here are some top trending hashtags currently being used on the Gold Coast.

Hashtags are getting increased use everyday and help to connect your post and your page to the theme of the hashtag being used. 

By using a hashtag, your post will:

  • reach more users;
  • is searchable by the hashtag;
  • get more likes; and
  • gain followers with similar interests nut only if the image used is worthy of a follow

There are hashtags for everything including specific industries, suburbs and interests. Hashtags are a unique way to brand your content, and if you can’t find a hashtag you like for the Gold Coast or otherwise – you can always create your own. What are some of your favourite Gold Coast hashtags?

Gold Coast Location Hashtags

  • #goldcoast – used over 5.2 million times
  • #goldcoasthinterland – used over 22,000 times
  • #goldcoastbeach – used over 12,000 times
  • #surfersparadise – used over 1.1 million times
  • #burleigh – used over 247,000 times
  • #broadbeach – used over 203,000 times
  • #southport – used over 347,000 times

Gold Coast Food Hashtags

  • #goldcoastfood – used over 86,000 times
  • #goldcoasteats – used over 34,000 times
  • #goldcoastfoodie – used over 31,000 times

Gold Coast On Trend Hashtags

  • #goldcoastlife – used over 185,000 times
  • #goldcoastbusiness – used over 101,000 times

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