Google Adwords

In today’s digital online age, there are a multitude of different methods of marketing your business and generating leads. Building your audience and increasing followers can be efficiently done by buying advertising on the Google Adwords publishers platform. Google Adwords is one of the most effective ways to purchase paid traffic to your company’s website. The key to successfully marketing on the Google Adwords network is to spread your company’s message to as many people as possible for the lowest possible ad spend amount. Juicy Online media are professionals at getting your Adwords campaigns up and running, performing and returning profit from your investment. Juicy Online Media is also an approved Google Adwords Partner which means we have completed the Adwords exams, have consistent positive results for our customers while also maintaining the necessary benchmarks as set by Google. Find us on the Google Partners website.

Pay Per Click advertising is the action of buying advertisements on Google Adwords and trying to convert interested potential customers of your product or services, which your company offers on your website.

With Google Adwords Pay Per Click marketing you are only charged each time a person clicks on your advertisement and is directed to your website or landing page. The cost of each Pay Per Click is determined by what is known as the Google Adwords ‘Quality Score’. This basically means that the website which you are advertising on Google Adwords is ranked according to its relevance, quality of content and how well your audience engages with your landing page. The higher the Quality Score which you receive, the lower the cost is per click and the lower advertising spend which you are charged.

With Google Adwords you can reach targeted consumers at the exact moment in which they are searching for a product or service which your company offers. Your advertisement is displayed to interested people who are already searching for keywords related to your business, so the chances of these people clicking through from your ad, taking action and becoming a qualified lead are very high.

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Did you know that you can decide where your advertisement appears and on which websites inside of the Google Adwords network? You can even specifically target people via geographical areas (states, towns, or even neighbourhoods).

With the Google Adwords Pay Per Click bidding platform, you’re only charged when someone clicks your advertisement and not when your ad appears. There are a lot of different pay per click options which your business can select. You are in control of how much or even how small a marketing budget you want to set and you’ll never be charged more than that amount. Real-time reporting is available which allows you to view statistical analysis of your advertisements. You can see how many customers connected to your business from your ad campaign and where they are coming from.

What are the costs for Google Adwords?

Prices start from $249 + GST for setup. Conditions apply

Lets us setup your Google Adwords Campaign for you. We can do the research and setup your Adwords account so that it performs at its best. We can also maintain your campaign for you. Prices are quoted on a case by case scenario dependant on a range of factors including budgets, ad groups and work required. The costs above do not include the costs of Adwords themselves.