As a small business owner you are probably already aware of who the influencers are in your industry or marketplace in which you are trying to sell your products and services. These people might also be in your personal network but due to time constraints or just not knowing how best to contact them, you have notattempted this.These few tips which follow will help you to find influencers in your industry or personal network and assist you in the best ways of getting in contact with them and opening doors to mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Use LinkedIn to find influencers

LinkedIn is the professional social media network which you must be on, for getting noticed by influencers and is even more important if your business focuses on selling services in the B2B sphere.Use the LinkedIn search box to find your chosen influencer and other important people in your industry. You can also search by phrase or keyword and return a large number of results. You can then being the process of contacting and introducing yourself to these people.

Use Facebook to find influencers

While LinkedIn is the preferred social media network for professionals, Facebook is still widely used by just about everyone in the world and thus can also be used to generate contacts.Facebook search can be used much in the same way as searches are conducted on LinkedIn, you can also search for business information and public pages which are set up by your influencers.After you have compiled a list of possible contacts, be sure to like their personal profile or company page and leave engaging feedback for them. By liking the content which they publish and commenting on it, you stand a good chance of attracting their attention and opening possible dialogue with them. Another method is to like the pages which they also like, which also increases the chances of them noticing you. Also do consider running Facebook advertising campaigns where you target people which like the influencers content. An engaged audience with them is sure to also enjoy reading similar subject matter which your regularly publish.