How to drive extra traffic to your blog

There are many different ways in which you can drive additional extra traffic to your blog, including social media marketing, guest posting on other blogs in your industry and asking influencers to review your product or service and to share the review with their audience.

By understanding the numerous different ways in which you can share your blog posts with wider audiences, you can maximise the chances of receiving regular viewers to your blog and increasing traffic which results in more leads generated and more sales.

Add a link to your social media posts

When posting your engaging content pieces to your social media accounts, one of the most simple and often overlooked things to do is to simply post a brief snippet from the article with a link back to your blog to read the full piece. This teasing method is sure to draw more clicks and user engagement back at your website blog.

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Share quality photos for your audience

We all know that images stand out on social media, which is why Facebook allows you to share multiple images when you post a status update. This is a great way to lead your followers with an engaging photo and than add a link-back to your blog where they can view more. Next time instead of trying to upload your entire album to Facebook, just upload one or two images and add the rest to a blog post on your business website.

Upload engaging video content

Video content is a great way to keep your audience engaged and paying attention. No body wants to sit down and spend 30 minutes reading a wall of text, but almost everyone has 5 minutes to watch an informative video talking about your business and the services which you offer.

By embedding a video in your blog post and uploading a descriptive intro to the posts on your social media profiles, you can encourage your followers to click through to your blog post and view the video there, rather than uploading it directly to the social media sites.