In today’s 24/7 business world, many small business owners spend up to 18 hours per day working on their digital business, designing digital marketing strategies, writing engaging content for their followers, answering emails and dealing with customers. It can be difficult to switch off and avoid distractions during the work day. While multi-tasking is a sign of a busy person, recent research studies have suggested that it is not as useful as we have been lead to believe.

Creating time to in your calendar to get work done

There can be a lot of distractions which as a business owner you need to try and avoid, as doing so can take time away from you and not allow your important projects to be completed. By working to a schedule your time will not be interrupted and in doing so will allow you to work more efficiently. By using block times and highlighting them on your daily schedule, you won’t be distracted by phone calls, customer questions or emails waiting for replies.

Turn off all your business notifications

When the important block time on your schedule arrives and you are all set to perform your tasks at maximum productivity, the last thing you want to notifications disrupting your creative thinking process. Computers, smartphones and hand held tablet devices can all create annoying notification noises which will interrupt your busy working period. By turning these off in advance you will not be distracted and will work through the block period with more efficiency and complete more tasks.

Start on your hardest tasks first before the easy ones

Small business owners are always busy people so it only makes sense to avoid any forms of procrastination. This includes putting off to tomorrow your harder tasks, when it most cases, tomorrow never arrives. To efficiently make the most of your time, it’s advised to tackle your most complicated tasks first, before moving onto the easier ones. Not only is this a good idea from a business sense, it also makes your to do list a lot shorter.