How to use hashtags in social media

Social media is a powerful platform to expand your online presence, but most businesses fail to measure the success of their social media strategies, due to the lack of proper analytics, resources or overall knowledge.

the use of hashtags as a part of your social media strategy and overall social media marketing, you can quickly analyze your brand’s influence on the social networks, understand your target market better and improve your posts based on the likes, reposts, retweets, and responses that you receive.

Why you need to use hashtags

Hashtags encourage engagement with your audience. It is an effective overall strategy to get your brand out in the market and expose your message to consumers.

Hashtags are useful as part of your company’s inbound marketing, since you’re letting customers come to you and discover your brand and hashtags can help.

It’s important to use relevant hashtags in your posts so you can attract the right audience and not just random not interested people.

A hashtag is like a filter for social media content. Searching for a particular hashtag will display audiences the most relevant and most recent posts under that tag.

When posting to social media, using hashtags can increase your views as opposed to not using any at all.

How to use hashtags

As social media continues to evolve, you can use hashtags on different social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, three of the most commonly used social media accounts.

Hashtags on Twitter. Among all the social media platforms, Twitter was the first to utilize hashtags. Using the right hashtags can attract a targeted group of people that use the similar sets of hashtags. Twitter is mostly used by companies to engage with their audiences.
Hashtags on Instagram. Just like on Twitter, hashtags are also widely used on Instagram, but on this platform, more hashtags are better. You can post as many hashtags as you can here since it doesn’t have a short character limit like Twitter. Businesses in different industries maximize the use of hashtags by posting more than ten hashtags per photo.

Hashtags on Facebook. Unlike the two above social media platforms that encourage the use of hashtags, this method is not as successful when used on Facebook. But it doesn’t mean to say that you can’t use it. With Facebook, less is better. One or two hashtags is often enough to get your brand message across.

Most social media users can overuse hashtags, but it’s a useful way to measure your social media posting activities’ effectiveness. Using relevant hashtags as you publish your content can bring you closer to the right people and possibly to influencers in your target industry. Using a lot of hashtags can also attract more potential customers and turn them into warm leads.