Does your business use Instagram advertising or are your interested in running advertisements on the Instagram social media platform? If so than you will be happy to know that by doing so you are already ahead of the competition, as Instagram is one of the lesser used social media networks for when it comes to businesses running digital marketing campaigns.Instagram advertising enables small businesses to build and grow their brands in an effective way for a relatively low ad budget spend, in comparison to the other more expensive social media networks such as Facebook.Before you begin advertising on Instagram you need to ensure that your business account is connected to your Facebook business page as this will allow you to create advertisements from inside of your Facebook Advertising centre.

Selecting an Ad type

When it comes to Instagram ad types, your business needs to determine three primary advertising objectives prior to commencing your marketing campaign. These are the number of clicks to your business website, the amount of app installs and views which your videos receive.Once you have this information on hand you can then create Instagram advertising campaigns based on which of the above three objectives yields the most clicks to your business.

Target the Right Audience

Most Facebook ad targeting options are also available for Instagram ads.These include location, demographics, interests, actions and more.With Instagram ads, you set your target audience preferences in the same way as you do for Facebook ads.