So your company has started posting creative and engaging content on Instagram and now you want to know what to do next? How do you find new followers, how do you keep them and why are they following your business in the first place? These are all questions that can be answered by reading further in this article. Most people which use Instagram for non business purposes are aware of hashtags, but alas not many business owners are aware of this.

Hashtags are great for businesses

The users on Instagram which are searching for content do not use this social network the same way as if they were using a search engine. As a business owner you can’t just use keywords which are known to bring interested users to your website, by altering them and sticking a hashtag on the front of them. This simply won’t work and a much more efficient way is to use trending hashtags as well as popular ones which are known to your targeted audience.

Use trends to engage with your followers

A great way to engage with a larger user base and to grow your followers is to take advantage of current hashtag usage and try to utilise these in your next content publishing schedule.By engaging with more users and taking advantage of hashtags your business can centre its content marketing scheduling around the information which your audience is actively seeking out.

Experiment and track your progress

The most important thing when it comes to using Instagram to expand your digital marketing, is to create spreadsheets which track and take note of all the campaigns which your company creates. This is more than useful as it allows you to determine which content you publish is the most engaging and has the most chance of expanding your digital presence. By keeping track of your progress, your business can see how far you’ve come as well as allowing you to adjust your marketing campaigns on the fly.