How to use Pinterest for business marketing

A large percentage of users currently active on Pinterest click on pins which go to articles of interest, blog posts, as well as image content. Less than half of the same users are reported to click through to big brands or shopping sites. This clearly demonstrates that engaging content is what people are seeking out and they don’t want to be sold to. Consumers want to pick and choose the time which they buy from brands, of their choosing.

By ensuring that your business marketing campaigns keep this in mind, you will be able to grow an impressive audience which looks forward to the content which you post, be it infographics, blog entries, or even content updates built around your company’s’ staff.

Research your audience

Pinterest for the most part is frequented by women and as such your business marketing using Pinterest should reflect this. Recent studies into Pinterest demographics show that it’s important for your business to use this knowledge in your marketing campaigns and to ensure that your content scheduling calendar is optimised for this audience.

If your business’s customer demographic is primarily males, than your marketing efforts should understand that this gender in comparison to women, are not frequent users of Pinterest. Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use Pinterest for your business marketing, it just means that you need to approach your marketing efforts from a different angle.

Ensure frequent posting of content

It’s important to make sure that you identify the best pinning frequency for your audience. By pinning too much you can annoy your audience and by pinning to less you risk the chance of them not paying enough attention to your brand’s message.

As your pinning campaign progresses you will be able to determine which frequency and day of the week works best and be able to generate winning campaigns which deliver results for your business.

Grow your brand authority

To grow your brand on Pinterest you need to establish yourself as an authority voice and make your business the go to in your industry.

There is no need to create all of the content which you pin to your Pinterest business page, as you can share and re-pin other industry leaders content which also operate in the same market as your business. This same content you can also use as inspiration for your future pinned content.

Another clever way of expanding your market reach is by using your audience and the community to leverage interesting content ideas. You can use business boards to collaborate with popular pinners in your industry, which have a large following, and build this into your content marketing plans.