How to use Snapchat for business marketing

Snapchat is rapidly becoming a strong competitor in the social media space, proving to both Facebook and Twitter that there is a strong and growing demand for the service which they provide users.

Snapchat currently boasts over 100 million daily active users on their social media platform, sharing and taking an amazing 400 million snaps per day. With numbers as big as this it’s important for small business owners to jump on this opportunity and incorporate Snapchat social media posting into your digital content marketing strategy.

In general Snapchat’s audience demographics are both male and female and are in the 18 to 34 years old age range, making Snapchat a perfect part of your businesses marketing campaign.

Use Snapchat for real time events

Business Marketing using Snapchat is a breeze if you are creative enough to interact with your audience through real time events hosted by your business. At your next business function or event you can broadcast this via Snapchat and engage in real time with both your digital audience and your existing customers.

Snapchat is an excellent social media platform for your digital marketing as it can give your audience exclusive access to your hosted live events. Use Snapchat for live product launches, trade show events or even for customer focused events such as the 1000th customer to buy an item from your store.

Snapchat allows your fans to engage with you and look to your business as a provider of something different, which they can’t get from your competition.

Provide your audience with exclusive content

Snapchat is an exciting medium which businesses can use for their business marketing strategies. Snapchat can be used to provide your audience and followers with special content, which might not be delivered via other digital mediums such as on the company blog or sent out via your monthly newsletter.

As an example, many Australian fashion brands have in the past used Snapchat as a digital marketing medium, to debut their seasonal fashion collections, exclusively to their followers, before they are worn on the runway at their fashion shows.

Use Snapchat to show off your company

Snapchat is a great social media platform to show off the behind the scenes of your company, to your audience and followers. This is a great way to share the human face of your company and foster a closer relationship with your fans.

Showing off your company can be done in many different engaging ways, such as sharing your staff’s birthdays, fun Friday lunches, company trips or out of office events and sharing with your social media audience, employee of the month. By sharing the human side of your business on Snapchat, your followers can see how your brand is different from the competition.