What to include on your new website

Creating a business website is much like validating your business’s existence in the online digital world. Your website requires creativity, patience and planning, but it also opens up a new and exciting chapter for your business. This is especially the case if you’re looking forward to reaching a wide pool of potential customers to sell your products or services to. Creating a business website can unleash your creativity as an entrepreneur, but it is critical that you plan your website thoroughly so that you can effectively target your online audience.

Home Page

The Home Page or the first page of your website is where your visitors will find the introductory information regarding your business. Your Home Page should include a summary of the entirety of what your brand has to offer, including your products or services which you sell.

The Home Page is where your potential customers will find the categories listed on your website and what your brand is about. They should easily be able to understand your brand message and what you are selling during the first few seconds of landing on your business website. Be sure to use a clear CTA (Call To Action) on your Home Page an effective method of enticing your visitors to take action and contact you.

About Us

The About Us section is where your visitors can learn information about your brand, such as what you do, what you offer and for how much. It’s also important to inform your audience what your product or service is, who your market is and how you can help make your potential customers lives easier. The About Us page of your website is where you should be able to convince your customers of your experience and expertise. It’s where you show them the benefits of your goods or services and why you are a unique brand in the market.

Products / Services

In the Products and Services page this is where you can be more specific about your offers be they products or services. It is recommended that you include photo galleries of your products so that your customers can have a better visual idea of what it is that you sell. You can also include testimonies from previous happy customers that have already purchased and used your products or services. When it comes time to making a buying decision, customer testimonies go a long way to persuading potential new customers to take action

Contact Us

Lastly it’s highly important that you include a Contact Us page on your new business website, so that your customers know exactly where and how to reach you. When your visitors have pre-purchasing queries about your products or services, a Contact Page is a great way of communicating with them. Make sure that your contact information is updated so that your customers won’t get lost when it comes time to contact you.