Is Peach the new social network to watch?

What is Peach and why is everyone in the digital marketing industry so curious about it? This new fun and free app has made more than a handful of local marketing companies curious and this article is here to answer some of the more frequently asked questions.

What is Peach?

Peach is the newest social media craze that is currently taking Australia by storm. It lets you share your own creative content and was created by the founder of Vine, which is a video-sharing app.

In a nutshell, Peach works by allowing users to use keywords such as “draw”, “share a song”, “shout”, and “rate”, content. These are what Peach is calling “magic words”. Other magic words include “gif”, “good morning”, “move”, “meetings”, and “game”.

Social media marketing experts at Juicy Online Media, say it’s not really better than other messaging apps currently on the market, it’s just fun and different. By using the “magic words” system, Peach lets you do whatever you want and share anything you like.

Is Peach the new craze?

Peach has got everyone curious about it and there’s no final say as to if it will stay long on the market or if it will just pass by and be nothing more than a short term fad. But as we have all seen before in the past, in today’s digital world anything is possible.

Currently only available to Apple iPhone users through the iTunes charts of free apps, it might take a while to be fully recognized by everyone and not just avid app users. For now, it’s as good as it can be for a new app in the social media world.

Peach for Business

For some small business owners that already have so much to manage on their plates, another emerging app could be more of a headache than an additional marketing platform. But as is the challenge of all new social networks that arrive, an opportunity to get exposed more and to engage more, is always a good thing. Technically, at the moment Peach is not in the same league as the existing social media networks, but in a few years time who knows?