Blogging is one of the best ways in which your brand can be recognised for its uniqueness. In crowded industries it's getting harder everyday for people to recognise which blog is unique and which one is re-purposing existing content.With originality at stake you need to make sure that you focus on standing out. You need to be creative with your writing so that your readers can easily remember you and the things which you write about.

Use creative and interesting headlines

Your blog’s title is the first thing your readers will notice when they land on your blog page. If your title does feel engaging or informative enough, they probably won’t stick around for too long. You need to be witty with your headlines and think of titles that are interesting and thought provoking. You should encourage your readers to be curious about your topic’s content and persuade them to finish reading your entire blog post.

Broadcast your blogging voice

Having an influencing voice is important in the blogosphere. It is what makes you unique amongst an industry of sameness. What makes you stand out is how you express yourself and show your personality to your readers, through your clever writing abilities. Without a blogging voice it will be too difficult for you to continue blogging and writing authentically for your readers. When you’re writing from the heart your readers will know and this is what makes them interested in your blog.

Try to stay unique at all times

As each year passes more blogs are launched, so it’s becoming harder to stand out as most topics have already been covered. If you have something different and engaging in mind don’t be afraid to write about it. Chances are your readers will find it interesting too. Eventually even with the best blogs readers get tired of reading the same things over and over again, so it’s important to be aware of when your content is becoming stale and to switch it up.

Snap high quality photos

Your photos should be as good as your written content. A quality photo speak volumes about your topic, which sometimes is not engaging enough with words alone. Snapping excellent photos is a way your readers can visually understand what you are talking about. Photos also help to spice up your blog and bring some colour to what would otherwise be just a wall of text. With interesting photos your blog can be visually entertaining and informative to read.