Social media is used by both men and women, but how it is utilised by its users can actually depend on the person’s gender. While both men and women act differently in certain situations, they can also show a difference in usage when it comes to social media. While this may seem peculiar, studies have actually shown that social media usage often depends on a person’s behavior based on his or her gender pattern.

How men and women generally use social media

In general it’s women who tend to use social media more often than men do. Women have shown a higher participation rate in usage frequency, while men have shown a lower rate of social media usage.

While men use social media much less on average, they do tend to be more specific than women when using social media to reach a predetermined purpose.

Men’s social media usage is shorter as they often already know what they are looking for and which medium to use. This is directly compared to women who tend to browse more and linger longer on the social media networks.

Using social media for work

When it comes to using social media for work purposes, women turn to social media to talk to their clients and share information. This can be done such as when they are pitching ideas, providing client updates on a current project, or sending documents to clients.

Men on the other hand tend to use social media for work, primarily to research task or project information, to widen their network of connections and to build on, or deepen relations with influencers in their target industry.

Social media platforms preferred by each gender

Since men and women have their own level of social media usage, they also prefer different platforms for their individual needs and uses. In particular women have been shown in recent case studies to prefer to use Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

When it comes to social media usage for men, the same studies have indicated that men prefer to use Facebook and YouTube as their primary go to social media networks.

While women are heavier users of social media, men were seen to build networks on social media more effectively, such as by networking within their industry on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Women are more fond of sharing posts and pictures online while men have more specific goals, usually cutting their social media time down to achieving specific end goals.