Netflix can show us more than just TV

Netflix has changed the way in which we all view and consume media. But for small business owners in Australia, Netflix has also taught us many great lessons when it comes to interacting and engaging with our audiences. We can learn a lot from Netflix as the company can show us more than just TV and you can use these lessons to better your business website.

When it comes to Netflix, you can learn a lot from the way in which they have used keyword backed categories in their content navigation delivery and apply this same thinking to your online business. As SEO gets more localised and the big search engines such as Google give keyword targeting more importance, using similar systems to that of large multinational companies like Netflix, will ensure stable long-term rankings of your business website. When Netflix decided to use categories, they didn’t just decide this for no reason at all. As a large company, Netflix are backed by data and do everything they can to increase their rankings, relevance and provide a better user experience for their customers.

As a small business owner, keyword research and engagement is still highly important and can make or break your online growth strategies.What makes the Netflix category system so interesting is it they have been designed based on individual users viewing habits. Although sometimes this may appear as a random generated system, it is in fact completely the opposite. This allows Netflix to provide their users with the best possible viewing experience.

As a small business owner you can look at this Netflix system and apply aspects of it to your online website. By providing the visitors to your online business with a unique user experience, you will be able to provide a better experience than your competitors and increase sales to your business.