Whenever Facebook has a new feature, expect it to spread like wildfire. Facebook is always changing and updating their features, which is fantastic news for Aussie small business owners.

As a small business owner, you can’t miss out on these trends and changing updates. When you see new features on your newsfeed, there’s no way you can just ignore these new features and not think that you shouldn’t apply them to your own business page.

Facebook Reactions

With Facebook Reactions providing more than just a thumbs up, your audience can now do much more than give a simple “like” your posts.

Your fans can now post different reactions literally. This means they can be more specific on how they feel about your content and you can see easier which works for them or which doesn’t, when it comes to your content publishing schedule.

These reactions might seem like they only add colours to your posts, but it’s worth paying close attention to them next time, to see which emotions you are provoking with your audience.

This can help you assess what kinds of content you should focus on more and how you can help your audience understand your business better.

Facebook Live

Social media can be a powerful storage device that saves your content over time. Facebook is innovative, as you can also broadcast events as they happen, thus Facebook Live was created.

Facebook Live enables live videos to be broadcast over the social media platform and is in the current process of being rolled out to business accounts.

With Facebook Live you can do live Q&A sessions with your audience, broadcast exclusive live events in your local area and conduct live customer product testimonials.

Instant Articles

Instant Articles allows business owners to upload their article content, for followers to view on a whim.

This loads faster compared to other typical article websites, as you can use this feature to monetise your content by selling ads or collaborating with Facebook to get 30% of the revenue from these articles.

Persuading your audience to read your articles online is much easier now, when you publish your business articles to Facebook, rather than posting them onto your business website.

You can now have your audience react differently to your posts using Facebook Reactions, broadcast live events with Facebook Live, and publish readable write-ups through Instant Articles. Marketing through Facebook is getting that much easier!