Pinterest hacks that you should be doing

Pinterest has positioned itself as the primary social media network when it comes to unique and high quality visual content being published daily on the network. Many top international brands almost exclusively use Pinterest for their digital marketing campaigns and there is no reason why small business owners also shouldn’t be not using this network to grow their reach and engage with their audiences.

Provide value to increase user engagement

Pinterest has been long declared as the social media network which brands use to be discovered on, via the posting of visually appealing photography content. Users typically search for content based on their personal interests and prefer to engage with either the brand directly or by other users on the network which share product reviews or their personal opinions.

Engage your audience with actionable content

Actionable content can be a broad term at times but in the context of Pinterest this often refers to infographic pins, tips or even step by step concepts. These three types are the most often published content types and for good reason, as this is actionable content which drives the highest levels of audience engagement.

While at times these three above methods won’t work for all brands and the products and services which they are offering, for the majority of cases these should work quite well and enable your Pinterest business page to expand it’s reach and engage with a targeted audience of followers.

Listen to your audience and share valuable content

You should always listen to your audience when conducting your social media campaigns and the same goes for Pinterest. Sharing content alone is not enough to engage with your audience, you also need to repin the content which your followers share as well as actively engage with them.

An engaged audience is much more likely to be receptive to the marketing messages which your brand publishes, compared to others which only syndicate content but never listen to their audience.

Building relationships on a personal level with your followers allows them to get to know more about your brand and to see a more human side behind the corporate brand message.