Problems of Social Community Managers

As each year passes, social media continues to constantly change and yet it remains a challenging environment to work in. As a social community manager, you may often come up against complicated situations that need to be handled with finesse and insure that industry best practices are followed. While a one size formula often does not fit all situations, or work best for every business brand, there are a few different ways that you can ensure that most problems are minimised before they become large problems.

A social media community manager’s job is a wide and varied one. One of the biggest problems that social community managers must face is content. The content which your business posts to your social media accounts needs to always remain informative, relevant, and engage with your audience in an interesting way For most businesses, this can be a challenging task and often finding content that meets these standards can be difficult. The content which is posted to the social media networks can often be hit and miss, so it’s vital that as a social community manager you remain vigilant and aware of which types of content best engages with your followers.

For social community managers the landscape is constantly changing when it comes to best practices and communicating with your audience on the social media networks as the ambassador of your brand. In the past when posting to the social media networks, we knew it was advisable that you only posted once or twice a week. Nowadays this same level of interaction if followed would result in a small percentage of your audience seeing and engaging with the content which you post.

Over the past few years Facebook has made several different changes to the way in which their algorithms work and the ways in which your audience views your content. As social media becomes more important in the lives of everyday Australians, so too increases the challenges of being a social community manager. One of the largest challenges which you may face in your role is getting upper management to understand the importance of social media in the business. As a social community manager this can at times be challenging, especially when it comes to decisions on spending money on quality content or launching Facebook advertising campaigns.

A social community manager needs to deal with negative comments and it will become a task which you will need to deal with at one time or another. In today’s fast-paced digital world people have no issues with letting the world know if they have received a bad experience. Learning how to deal with negative comments by implementing industry best practices is highly important. Putting out small spot fires is often always much easier than dealing with a full-blown PR crisis. Due to the popularity of social media it has the ability to permanently destroyed a brand’s reputation if not handled efficiently and correctly in a timely manner.

With today’s society being online 24/7, a social media community manager’s role is often not the normal 9am – 5pm job. Customers have questions (and plenty of them) and they need answers.

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As a social community manager most problems can be avoided by insuring that a consistent brand message is followed. In every piece of social media communication a single brand voice needs to be followed, making it much easier for your audience to remain receptive to the messages which you post.