Blogging is is a fantastic way in which you can showcase you creativity through writing and publishing high quality photos to your website. Some bloggers like to take creative photos of the things they talk about, as this is a great way of engaging with your audience and social media followers.

There are a number of everyday objects that you can use as props for your blog photos and they do not even have to be super relevant to your topic or that difficult to find. You can simply add some everyday items to balance off the blog content which you write and make your blog posts more colourful

Props for creating blog photos

Most bloggers typically like to use books and small desk plants for props because they look natural and therapeutic. Some like to use decorative wallpapers as their backdrop and other blogs like to use photos which they take while they are out and about running errands.

A clever way in which you can easily add personality to your photos, is to scatter random things on your desk in an artistic manner and make your main object the center of the photo. This is best applied if you want to make a specific photo for your blog. By taking random desk snapshots you can create “stock photos” for future content use on your personal blog. See our tips for flat lay photography.

Don't waste money on photo props

You don’t really have to buy expensive objects for using as your photo props. You can use simple things that you can find laying around your own home and use them to add colour and personality to your photos. Perhaps the next time you plan to take some photos for your blog, take a look around your home and see what you can discover. Some objects that are usually used for props by other Australian bloggers include; plants, jewellery, books, magazines, candles, decorative dishes and beauty products.

It can be extremely helpful to learn some photography basics so that your photos turn out beautiful and that you catch the right balance of softness and hardness in your photos. If your main prop object looks too soft, maybe you can use a rough backdrop to balance it out. While you may have found the perfect props for your photos, you also need to master the right angles to show it off in the best lighting.