In Australia there are more than 15 millions users reading, commenting and posting on Facebook. A large percentage of these users are food lovers who enjoy reviewing and comparing the best-rated restaurants in their cities.

In general people love to eat and Australia has some of the most diverse and tastiest food options available. With thousands of restaurateurs and cafe owners wanting a piece of the food-loving market, Facebook is an excellent platform for which businesses owners can use to gain new customers while updating their existing ones.

Everyday small business owners are taking advantage of this trend, by creating Facebook pages for their cafe or restaurant and expanding their reach online. Facebook in Australia is the top social media platform so it’s easy for restaurant owners to find their market and engage with their followers.

Educate your audience

The point of advertising is to entice consumers to enter your restaurant and enjoy your delicious menu items. Consumers enjoy receiving useful information about what your business has to offer, so that they know what they’re options are before they enter your restaurant.

Educating your followers means bringing the information to them as opposed to waiting for them to flood you with their queries. Educating your audience is all about letting them know about your latest menu offers, meal discounts or specials of the day. When sharing information on your Facebook page, you can be creative with infographics, photo albums and specials which you are currently running.

You have to be consistent with your content publishing and share posts as timely as you can. If you have upcoming restaurant discounts and promos, you can advertise these a few weeks prior to the event. Be sure to inform your fans if you’re coming up with new menu items or are having a taste test for loyal diners. Expanding your customers’ knowledge about the produce which you use in your restaurant, can also be done through posting informative and engaging content on your Facebook page.

Respond to your customers

The most effective way of building a good relationship with your customers is by engaging with them and addressing their questions or concerns regarding your restaurant menu items. Facebook can be utilised not just to advertise and market your restaurant, but also to communicate and connect with your audience and potential new customers.

Facebook users have the ability to leave comments on your posts or to drop you a private message. As a result this is a fantastic way in which you can show your restaurant’s credibility and offer excellent customer service to your Facebook followers. Always use a friendly and unbiased tone when responding to your followers to create a warm and approachable vibe.

Post photos of your delicious foods

Facebook is an excellent platform to show off your restaurant and the meals which you offer. Since Facebook allows the easy sharing of photos, it’s any easy way to get your visual content in front of a large target audience.

A photo of a plate of food is always enticing and makes for a good social media conversation starter. Everybody on Facebook loves to share their meal creations and this makes for a great avenue where your restaurant can do the same. Create albums of your past and current food items and don’t forget to update them when you make an addition to your restaurant menu. Check out more about Facebook Marketing and Restaurant Social Media Marketing.