Competitive SEO

SEO commonly known as Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process which your company or business needs to implement on your website to secure your presence in the search engines such as Google and Bing. This is because it’s a constant race to rank in the search engines in a higher position than that of your competitors. You need to continually improve your website and the content which you publish on it to make sure that you are always one step ahead of your competition.

Research your competitors

You might know who your competition is, but do they have a website, what position is it ranked in the search engines and what is their backlink profile like? These are all important questions which need to be answered before you can create your search engine optimisation strategy. Most times it’s not uncommon to find competing websites which you didn’t even know existed. Allow Juicy Online Media to take the guess work out of your SEO equation and let us the professionals do the research for you. We are highly experienced at conducting search engine rank tracking as well as keyword research. Put your trust in us and allow us to design an effective search engine optimisation strategy for your business.


Benefits of content creation

When it comes to designing and creating engaging content for your website you should always be regularly publishing content to your website’s blog as well as your social media channels.
Regular content creation not only benefits your business but it also helps with your on-site search engine optimisation, as this directly determines your ranking in the search engines. It also has the benefit of appealing to your website’s audience and followers. High quality written or visual content which you regularly publish to your websites blog allows for it to potentially go viral as well as being shared by your readers.

An engaged audience who enjoys reading information which your business publishes, often shares and passes it on to their friends to read. If you are concerned about your competitors outranking you in the search engines, posting relevant and interesting content to your website is one way of ensuring that you will retain your high ranked positions, on the first pages of search engine websites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. When it comes to creating your content and designing it around keywords you want to pay careful attention to the such as Google for a chosen keyword, it doesn’t mean that this is valuable to your business. There is no need to broadly target a massive amount of keywords. A more efficient search engine optimization strategy is to target focused keywords which will deliver to your company’s website the best volumes of quality targeted search engine traffic. Highly targeted and focused search engine traffic contains a better quality of engaged user, which provides you with potential leads and gives you the ability to convert those leads into paying customers.