Search engine optimisations main purpose is to increase visibility to the audience that the website is intended for but local seo marketing adds a new level by focusing on people searching for local businesses with a physical presence like a clothing shop, pub, doctor or restaurants.

Effective development of your Local Search Engine Optimisation strategy will need a mixture of user reviews, business listings, backlinks and engaging content that is specifically targeted to geographic locations. Local SEO is very much like normal SEO but with a few additional elements.

Contact Information and Business Hours

As a part of your local SEO strategy your business website should include Contact Information and Business Hours. This is very important information as this is what people often search for. Think about what information you would need to find out about a business. You need their address, phone number and opening hours. This in theory should be displayed on each page of your website so by placing this information on a dedicated page, it’s a solid idea.

Local Keyword Research

Just like traditional SEO, you use keywords to target your audience so that you can be found under local listings online. It is the same with using Local Keywords to focus on specific locations to drive interest and to be found in the local search results. For example, if you are a plumber based on the Gold Coast, you may not necessarily want enquiries from someone in Lismore or Byron Bay as it is not in your service area. So you would try to focus on using suburbs and local geographic areas in your keywords such as Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Broadbeach, Robina and so on.

If you are a restaurant or cafe in Nerang then you would focus on the keyword of ‘Nerang’ as your business is a physical destination, as well as the keywords of the type of restaurant whether it be Italian, Thai or French for example. Being too broad in your keywords such as adding in a city or state may not target the necessary audience interested in your business. Keywords and phrases containing the location should be used in the Title tags, Meta Descriptions, as well as your content. But be careful not to overdo it.

Effective Content Marketing

Content Marketing for local business campaign strategies needs to focus on topics that are relevant to the business or organization’s location. This not only makes it more appealing to search engines but also to your target audience.By featuring local topics that are relevant and events that your business are involved with, this helps establish you as a good source of information and that you take the time to engage with your audience and not put the hard sell on them. By having a strong call to action it steers your audience and potential customers to take action, such as making a call to your business or signing up to your company newsletter.

Using Google My Business

One of the most important things to do now is to claim your free business listing on Google My Business and create a Google + Page for your company. Google has been doing a massive advertising drive recently and focusing on getting the correct information in their local search results.

As discussed above, you need to enter business address, phone number, opening times and create content that is relevant to your targeted audience. This information will come up in search results and even on Google Maps so it is important to use local keywords as well as general keywords that relate to your business. Encourage people that visit your business to leave a review on Google so that others can see. Add your business or website to other Directories and Local Business Searches and Review sites

By adding your website or business to other directories such as TrueLocal you may gain extra traffic coming to your website plus gives the added benefit of having your contact information further syndicated on the web. It is beneficial for growing the authority of your business and allows you to add additional information that otherwise may not be seen prominently on other websites, as well as gaining your website some additional backlinks.

Regularly Update Your Social Media Channels

It is important to have all your social media accounts kept up to date with the most important information. It will depend on what industry you are in but focus on the main few to get the best impact. If you sell artwork for example, then having Pinterest and Instagram social media profiles set up may benefit your business.Juicy Online Media offers Local SEO Marketing Packages which include all of the above.

We assist you with your Local Marketing by developing a local presence for your company by using geograpical specific keywords and phrases. We work with your business to create unique content that is appealing to your audience and assist you with syndicating your content to your social media accounts. We also help you get links and citations to your website from directories, magazine publications, social media platforms and other industry relevant blogs.

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