It’s always a good idea to have your own website and have a section on it for your blog, rather than using a third party to host your blog. The simple fact is that unless your blogging content is published on your own website, then you don’t own the rights to the content, even if you wrote the words yourself.A lot of different people say “don’t worry” about it, but almost always the same people saying this are ones which own their own website. If one day the third party blogging platform or social media site which you are using to host your blog shuts down, all of your published work will be lost.By writing well written blog content and publishing it on your own website, you are ensuring that your efforts in the long term will be better rewarded.

Why you should have your own website

If you are serious about your blogging and plan for it to become more than a hobby, and hopefully one day in the future become your main source of income, than you need to own your website domain and host your blog on it.From a business perspective it’s just far too important to leave the success of your blog up to others to determine, hence why you need your own blog on a domain and website which is fully under your control.Hosting a website and using it for your blog is not an expensive exercise in today’s digital world. With so much competition in the website hosting industry, there are plenty of bargains to be found, costing you around less than $10 dollars per month. Think of it as an investment in the success of your online digital business.

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The benefits of having your own website

As we just talked about there is a strong case for why all Australian businesses should have their own website and blog which they can control, manage and grow their own audience of readers on. Here are some more great reasons why a business website is beneficial to your company.


Having your own business website allows your company to retain full ownership of the content and the rights of everything published on it.


Your own business website ensures no third party has any legal rights to the content which you publish, and you hold all rights of content publishing.


Your website domain name is easier for people to remember and is more professional than telling people to find you on a third party blogging platform.


All serious businesses should own their website as it makes you look more professional. Nothing says amateur hobbyist more than a business which relies on a third party for their website hosting.


Your own business website can help your company to generate revenue by selling ad space on it to other companies or service providers. This can not be done on third party platforms as they control all potential revenue generating options.